This is not necessarily a build. Like most of my bikes, I bought this one used from someone that was not the original owner and the bike was far from stock by the time it got to my garage.

The bike in its “original” form.

I bought this in March 2017 from a high school kid in Fallbrook. The bike was a DRZ400S so it was the dual sport version in its original form. However, he (or someone else) converted it to a supermoto by giving it a set of 17 inch supermoto rims and tires, oversize front brake, and stiffer springs. It also included the original dirt setup, had a full FMF exhaust, and the common “3×3” airbox mod.

As far as mods go, I think all I really did to it was add bark busters, I had a set of hand guards from Enduro Engineering that were the same yellow/blue color scheme. Oh, and I added a rear fender pouch for tools. Other than oil changes and valve checks, that was it for the first year of ownership. I just rode it.

I did make the mistake of selling the dirt wheels right away. At the time, this was going to remain a supermoto permanently and all dirt-related fun would be for the YZ250. But that idea quickly went out the window after I did some trips on the supermoto, going from road to dirt, then road again. A dual sport is so much more versatile. After a while I asked on our local supermoto facebook group if anyone was selling a dirt setup for the DRZ and soon picked up a set of rims and tires again.