Deja vu? Nope, doing the exact same thing to the Benelli that I did to the Grom almost exactly one year later. DCR provides a performance cam for the Benelli and as far as I know it’s the only one out there, at least in the US.

I had this cam laying around for some time because it was discounted a few months back and I knew I wanted to put one in, but I new once this was in the bike I had to go and mess with the fueling, and for the longest time I thought that meant a fuel controller from Aracer or Power Commander. Both of these are expensive, and it order to do it without knowledge of tuning like me, I would need to add a wideband which would add to the cost even more. I was looking at spending nearly $800, not including my time and effort in adjusting things. That’s a lot of money on a bike that’s dirt cheap to begin with. Stops making sense after you think about it for a while…

However, there is the internet! And besides lovely blogs like this, there are also some great groups surrounding the Benelli TNT135. Reluctantly, I had to return to Facebook to do so, but on there was a group called Benelli TNT 135 USA. In this group were a few people who mentioned reflashes. Turns out there was a member who had the ability to reflash the stock Benelli ECU. Score!

I reached out and asked him about getting mine reflashed. About a month later, I shipped him my ECU and less than one week after that I had it back, flashed for not only the cam but the exhaust de-cat and my DIY intake.

What a night and day difference! The cam combined with the reflash provides such a better feel and responsiveness. Very much like the DHM cam and reflash on the Grom. The cherry on top was the fact that it was a fraction of the cost of a standalone ECU from Aracer that I was expecting to have to get.