As soon as I decided I wanted to look for some more Minolta cameras, I knew I wanted at least 1 SR-T. Before this one, I found an SR-T 202 on offerup, but the shutter was stuck and would not release. I definitely do not have the expertise to fix cameras, so after starring at it hoping there would be an obvious item stuck in a gear, I turned around and listed it on offerup myself, as parts.

But then I came across this lovely looking thing on eBay, and it was the black one! When it got here I was happy to discover that the light meter was working as well! So I put some film in it and took it out for a test roll. During the test, the shutter kept sticking up, so after you shot a frame, the viewfinder would be blocked until you advance it to the next frame. I was worried about it, but Reddit told me that its an easy fix, just a gear that needs greasing. But worse than that, the test roll came back 100% white washed. The light seals are all pretty much gone, so this needs some service before I can shoot with it for real.