This was the first camera I found when going through the many many boxes in my grandfather’s office. It was tucked in an old, grey camera bag in a storage file box. It was in really good shape, like it was used once or twice then tucked away where I found it. I had never heard of Minolta as far as cameras go, just that I’ve seen Konica Minolta printers. I did some googling and found some videos and reddit posts about the X-700, and all of them were positive!

Maybe its because it was the first camera I came across in all the boxes, or maybe because the aperture mode is great for a lazy photographer like myself, but I use this camera the most. It also has the most accessories that I’ve come across: a power grip, auto winder, flashes, multi-function back, everything you can think of. For fun I put everything on one night to shoot with around the house. Combined, there were over a dozen AA batteries, it weighted a metric ton. I don’t think I’ll ever use them like that again, maybe the auto winder, but it was fun to try them out and see that everything works well!