Currently, there are 8 lenses total. 6 of which are Rokkor MD lenses. Below are some small details. I’m no expert when it comes to lenses, how they work, the history, etc. All I really know is the focal length, f stop, and which I like to use most. I will credit for the particulars in the information below, this website gives a lot of detail and is a great resource for anyone looking to dive in to Rokkor lenses.

50mm f/1.4 MD Rokkor-X

This is the first generation of the MD system, with a 55mm filter size. Produced from 1977 to 1979. I think it’s safe to say that I use this lens the most. The majority of the time I’m shooting film just walking around town. The 50mm lens is compact and fast. I can see why so many people what to use these.

50mm f/1.7 MD Rokkor-X

While the f/1.4 is the first gen MD, this f/1.7 is the second gen. The difference being that the overall size is more compact, and the lens filter size being reduced from 55mm to 49mm. Produced from 1979 to 1982. This lens takes a back seat to the f/1.4, because it’s not as fast and most of the time I take pictures during golden hour or later, when there’s little light. Still, it’s a great lens and I will usually take this out when I have two cameras with me.

45mm f/2 MD Rokkor-X

Also a second gen, even more compact than the 50mm f/1.7. This one was acquired by me, I found someone on Offerup selling a SR-T 201 with this lens on it for $15. The camera was broken, but the lens was in good shape. I’ll use this if I want a compact setup that I can easily carry in my hand and usually if I’m shooting indoors where I want to capture more of the room.

200mm f/4 MD Tele Rokkor-X

Now that we’re getting into the telephoto lenses, I’ll be honest I can’t give too much info on these because I simply have not used them much. However, according to, they made some fantastic 200mm lenses. Even thought this is the f/4 and not the faster f/2.8, they are still highly sought after. Knowing this now, I’ll definitely have to take this lens for a spin!

70-210mm f/4 MD Zoom

Another lens that I really haven’t picked up and shot with. Based on the aperture lock, meant for the more up-to-date cameras with a program mode, this appears to be a 3rd gen MD lens, post 1981. Not much else I can comment on I’m afraid, I need to shoot a roll with this lens. Had it not been for coronavirus, I probably would have taken this lens with me to the Long Beach Grand Prix. Guess we’ll have to wait until 2021…

100-500mm f/8 MD Zoom Rokkor-X

This thing is massive. No way am I hauling this around as an everyday carry. I used this to shoot the moon a while back, have yet to have the film developed so again, I can’t say much at all. I don’t think I could really use it without a heavy tripod. The slow f/8 aperture leads me to believe that I would have to shoot at high noon in order to get a sharp image.

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