My first grom build post was getting way too long. Plus there was a serious lang in my posting to the build thread after the first few months (I didn’t add to it for another 2 years), so here I will re-cap my thoughts after one year of ownership.

Obviously, I’m writing this after the fact. My one year mark was back in 2017, so I won’t have too much detail. I think the bottom line was this: I love this bike! This is a safe bet, considering it is now almost 3 years later and I still enjoy this bike.

I did create a post on Facebook to mark the occasion. No thoughts or impressions, but cold hard data:

July 22, 2017

So I’ve had my Grom for 1 year now and since I’ve been tracking my cost from day one I can give the all-in cost per mile. Quick breakdown of cost:

Paid for bike: $3,300 out the door
Aftermarket parts and maintenance: ~ $1,000
Insurance for the year: $206
Gas: $158

Total: $4,664

Total mileage: 5,674

Cost per mile: $0.82!

Less than $1 per mile! And the more I ride it the lower that will go down, I challenge anyone to find another vehicle with a lower cost per mile including the cost of the car/bike itself.

Not bad, eh? Not many rose to the challenge. One friend did mention that he might be in the running with it costing him a whopping $0.75 to fill up the tank of his Spree. And another friend did beat my cost per mile with a bicycle, but that doesn’t count.

This bike is a blast, and for the most part everyone around you seems to love it too. I do remember though, it was annoying how often people will try to ask you one or more of the following questions:

“What’s that thing called?”

Random guy in his car

“How many cc’s has that got?”

Random guy in traffic

“Can you go on the freeway with that?”

Random guy on sidewalk

It got to be annoying, especially when I had some good music pumping. I guess it does go to show how unique mini bikes were a few years ago. So uncommon that even non-motorcycle peeps would stop and ask about it. No one does that to the standard cruisers and crotch rockets you see every day.

In summary: 10/10 would buy again.