We’re getting closer to present, only 11 months behind!

This time I did update my thread on hondagrom.net. Not as detailed as my initial posts were, but at that time I was trying to remember what’s been done over the last 2+ years. I’ll try to recall a few other things:

March 19, 2019

“Over two years…. maybe I should post an update?

“This little grom has gone through a couple of iterations. A year ago I plasti-dipped the shrouds seafoam green. Took forever but I was diligent and did many many coats including primer.

Then this last month the paint job finally came apart. Make no mistake plasti-dip when done right will hold up. My job had multiple coats of primer, multiple coats of color, and multiple coats of gloss clear coat and held up to a number of drops. But it peeled a bit where the bolt hold the shroud so I said fuck it and ordered new plastics. I wanted white anyway and OEM plastics are pretty cheap!

Many other mods have been done since then that I failed to document, probably because I was so eager to get out there and ride!

– removed the airbox and added a drow sports carbon intake with UNI pod filter
– upgraded to the Koso high flow oil pump, cheap and effective
– EBC carbon brake pads and front disc
– added 428 chain and sprokets (kept the 14T front)
– Added ohlins front springs/dampers and YSS 2 stage rear shock… BEST MOD EVER. Definitely worth the price (roughly $400 total) to get rid of the pogo stick like front end.
– upgraded the battery which took a dump on me last year to a lithium ion, very reliable so far.
– new tires, Michelin power pure but not really a mod, just a necessity.

Other than than I’ve put over 14,000 miles on it since I bought it new nearly 3 years ago, planning on putting at least another 14,000 miles on it in the future. I intentionally kept the engine stock bore and glad I did, I’ve had zero issues with this motor despite the miles and sometimes hard riding i put on it.”

So I did a few things, I already mentioned the paint job and suspension upgrades in the prior year’s review. I do remember why I replace the front brake disc, though how could I forget? It was run over, but that’s another story.

Revisiting the Fuelly app shows that I hit 15,456 miles on July 3, 2019. The third year costs did go up, the suspension upgrades weren’t cheap. I also added a few other things here and there that would add up, and my insurance cost went up. Not from filing a claim or anything, I realized my policy at the time didn’t include comprehensive, which would cover it being stolen. I guesstimate that I added about $1,600, bringing the overall cost up to about $7,164, which comes out to $0.46 per mile, down again!

Still in summary: 10/10 would buy again