A few years ago, for whatever reason, I had bought a set of bright pink motorcycle grips. Maybe it was just the novelty, because I didn’t need them at the time. It would be a unique backup set for when one of the bike’s grips started to wear down. These grips sat in a box of spare parts in the garage for quite a while.

The time comes that I want to get new grips on the DRZ, and I find these things in the spares box. I wasn’t sure at first, but then I started to think how funny it would be. The bike on it’s own is bright yellow and blue, so it already stands out from all the other supermotos in our ride group that are mostly black, white, and orange.

So my next thought was: “How can I make this pinker?” I literally typed in “motorcycle pink” into amazon and found all sorts of stuff. Pink tire caps, pink spoke sleeves, pink chain even! I got them all. A common cheap mod to do for supermotos are axle sliders made from threaded pipe and skateboard wheels, guess what kind of skateboard wheels I found?

Some people mocked, many more were confused. Who cares. This bike is a laugh, so why not go bonkers with it. Now anytime I need or want to upgrade something, I first think about if there is a pink option.