Being a dual sport, this bike has been dropped, scraped, crashed in general. It’s a tough bike and will keep going after you pick it up, but the plastics will take a beating. Not only that, but they’ve stained from grease or dirt being rubbed into them. I thought about going with all new plastics, but then I saw some youtube videos about people restoring their old dirt bikes and had some tricks to restoring the plastic too.

Also cleaned up the bike without the plastics on.
Yes, pink carpet too.

I watched a few different videos, some people were simply wiping them down with cleaner and elbow grease, and others went as far as scraping the entire piece with a box cutter to cut out the faded plastic. Thankfully, yellow and white plastics don’t really fade, or at least it isn’t obvious. I took the tips and tricks from all of these videos and cherry-picked a few.

First thing was to sand them down a bit. I didn’t need to go full out with a box cutter since most of it was alright. Instead, I wet sanded it down with some 400 grit to take off the staining and get rid of some of the major scratches, then did a second pass with 2000 grit. I definitely didn’t take all of the imperfections out, but I got the big ones. Sanding around the decals and stickers was tough, some of the stickers I had on were applied over the stained bits. I got around them as much as I could, but now they kinda look like they have a shadow effect on them.

Sanding everything took out the grime but left things pretty dull. To get out the fine scratches get some shine back into it, I hit each piece with a heat gun. This helped a lot, but it’s tough to keep it consistent. There are a few spots that didn’t melt back very well, but not too noticeable. I heated up each piece off of the bike too, so I realized that putting them back on some didn’t quite line up. It should be fine after they were tightened down.

Last piece of the puzzle was a can of bike polish, and a test ride. Not quite as clean as the grom got, but much cleaner than other dual sports!