I wonder if anyone that watches the youtube videos I make read this… I doubt it but if they do they’ll get the inside scoop.

So this week I posted a “Fleet Update” video with each and every bike in the garage, and the update was nothing more than “they’re all still here, not sure what I want to do next.” Exciting stuff.

However, that was filmed in October. Since that was put together I really was riding my DRZ400 a lot more than I was previously, appreciating the bike for what it is. I loved riding around on the DRZ but couldn’t help thinking to myself what other supermoto options there are out there? Maybe something that was built with technology from this century…

There’s not many factory supermoto options out there, basically just the KTM 690/Husky 701, but that didn’t bother me. I preferred to get a dual sport and then convert it to supermoto trim, I like the ability to swap out tires and rims to transform the bike and make it perfectly capable in any setting.

I briefly thought about going to the orange side, there are so many dual sport options over in Austria, but I’m a Honda guy at heart and honestly since the 450L/450RL came out I knew that was the one to go for. I’ve had two CRFs in the past and loved those bikes, my favorite bike ever was my 2009 CRF450R. I kinda regretted selling it and always thought about the possibility of getting another one, but life goes on and I found myself using the off-road only toys less and less. I finally went ahead and sold my YZ250 a couple years ago, which basically put a cap on the dirt bike game. But now Honda has a dual sport version, perfect!

Used is my initial go-to, but this bike was a bit different. They’re fairly new, having been rolled out in 2019, and with covid supply has been short in the states. I found a grand total of two used 450Ls online, one of which was priced ABOVE msrp (yeah right) and the second was advertised noting that a potential buyer was coming later that week so may already be spoken for. I reached out to that person, but 2 days later the ad was taken down. Guess I was going new.

That was also in short supply! I’m lucky that we have so many Honda dealers around here, but even with that there were only 3 bikes total in the county. When I inquired to the 3 with 450RLs in stock, I ended up getting the attention of 2 and was lucky enough to have 1 accept a “low ball” offer, a few days later I have this red pig in the garage!

I can’t wait to dive into it, new bikes are always so much fun! Not only with the riding experience but in building it up to be the perfect bike for you. Supermoto is obviously in it’s future, and few more things besides!