Ah, we finally caught up! Last week marks 4 years of gromming. First the total cost breakdown… as accurate I can remember, gas and parts are estimated:

Bike: $3,300

Insurance: $250 per year ($1,000 total to date)

Gas: ~ $600 to date

Parts/oil/maintenance: easily ~ $4,000 to date

Total: $8,900

Total miles: 18,013

Total cost per mile: $0.49 per mile

This went up a little bit from my estimated $0.46 per mile last year, but if I’m honest I think I’ve been underestimating my parts cost. One of these days, if I literally have nothing to do, I’ll go back and list every aftermarket part I’ve bought and total them up.

In the last year, I focused on a select few modifications that cost a bit more. The two things that were the most impactful were ceramic wheel bearings and the most recent cam upgrade. The wheel bearings were an absolute pain to remove and even more of a pain to install. I was afraid I would scratch or break the new bearings because the fitment was so tight, even after sticking the bearings in the freezer and heating the hub just before. It was worth the squeeze though, the wheels move so freely now. I want to get some CNC’d wheel spacers now to see just how slick I can make these wheels. I’ve gotten to ride only a few dozen miles with the new cam and retuned ECU, but so far things have been great.

For the next year, I would like to hit 20k miles. Usually this would be an easy mark to hit, less than 2,000 miles in a year, but the majority of this is from commuting. The grom is my actual daily. Coronavirus has moved my work home and things will stay that way for a while. I guess I need to try and have more weekend rides.

Upcoming mods and maintenance will mostly stick to preventative things. I think my grom is well into the high mileage club, I’ve heard of other groms having components fail around the 20-25k range. From what I’ve read I think one of my next things to do will be the cam chain tensioner, many have shown the rubber will start to degrade, so I’m keeping an eye out for that in the next few oil changes. Might also be a good idea to order a piston and ring kit.

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