I finally did what I should’ve been doing since day 1 and listed every single associated cost with the grom.

View Google Sheet Here

Took some time sorting through my emails and various order histories. Thankfully I kept nearly all of the invoice emails. There were a few that I couldn’t find though, for some reason Ebay deleted my purchase history before 2018… Also was not able to track down things like oil/grips because these were purchased locally rather than online and I didn’t think to keep the receipts. However, this list covers the major aftermarket and OEM purchases.


In my last annual review, I estimated that I spent about $4,000 in parts over the last 4 years. Actual total to date? $4,105.40. Damn I’m good. I averaged about $1,000 per year, but obviously the most was spent in the first year, which was actually the shortest since I bought the grom in July of 2016.

Anything highlighted in orange in the spreadsheet is “estimated.” These are based on current prices of the given item and date based on either other purchases (I usually bought a bunch of things at once) or the date of a post in my build thread on hondagrom.net.


This was pretty easy to calculate thanks to Fuelly. However, I didn’t start logging these right away. The first 1,200 miles are missing. I took the total miles and cost from the 2016 stats and averaged it over the total miles. I may be a few dollars off, but who cares. Years 2017 and on are exact. Obviously 2020 is going to be an outlier. I estimated $600 total previously, so pretty close.


I’ve had the same provider since purchase, so I was easily able to log in and view all of my renewal policies. I’ll admit this one is fudged a bit. After the first year and a half of the policy I was able to combine it with my other bikes, adding the DRZ and the Spree. To get close, I subtracted out the additional premium adding them had on the total cost for all subsequent years. The policy is mid-year as well, so the cost is divided by days and re-summed to show the average cost for the calendar year. I estimated $250 per year, but that was simply based on my last cost for renewal, which included the other 2 bikes. It’s still pretty close as the other 2 bikes cost so little, this is my “main” bike so the DRZ and Spree (now Zuma) are estimated less than 1,000 miles per year.


This was easy, I pay registration online every year and save the confirmation. The first year was “free” as it was included in the cost of the bike. Like insurance, this is also paid mid-year, so the cost is re-calculated to show calendar year. I actually forgot to include this in my last estimate, kinda covered by the over-estimation of insurance so I guess it’s a wash. Still pretty expensive for what it is (thanks, California).


Overall, the cost is $9,313.61 to date. Total cost per mile: $0.52. Note that my 4 year review said 18,013 miles, the total miles here is based on the mileage at my last fill-up, but the difference is so little that the cost per mile stays the same. It’s kinda crazy to think that my little grom is almost a $10k bike, but considering the number of years and miles ridden, I think the costs are justified. Cost per “smile” is definitely justified.